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By Rhonda Stapley with cover art by Leslie    Rule

Theodore Robert Bundy was one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. He confessed to kidnapping, raping and murdering over 24 women, one as young as 12, although the actual count remains a mystery. He carried out his reign of terror throughout seven states during the 1970s, Some of his victims escaped the final act and lived to share the story of their ordeals. One such victim was Rhonda Stapley, author of the book "I Survived Ted Bundy: The Attack, Escape and PTSD that changed my life."

Ms. Stapley never reported her vicious rape at the hands of Ted Bundy. She didn’t disclose to her own family until almost 35 years after the attack. Her book was published in 2016 and she sat down with me to share her story of survival.