My Ltttle Murder Hobby

      That's what my wife calls MMF. After I retired last year, I was looking for something to engage my interest. Having a theater and writing background, I turned to podcasting. I saw a meme on FACEBOOK the other day of a man holding a sign that said: "No one cares about your podcast." Brutal, but probably true. The same way no cares about your Blog, Instagram or TWITTER comments, etc. But I decided that this was something for me.

      I began with a subject I was remarkably familiar with...LIZZIE BORDEN. I have directed several plays about LAB and conveniently live only 20 miles from Fall River, Massachusetts, site of the grizzly murders. The house where Lizzie killed her father and stepmother is currently a quaint(?) B&B. You can tour, stay overnight and go on ghost tours.

      My first few segments covered this subject from different angles. I slowly ventured outside my “Lizzie Borden comfort zone” and delved deeper in murder, the “one off,” serial and mass varieties. Some of my killers were well known as Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy but more were obscure like The Pizza Bomber and The Vampire Killer. I found myself interviewing survivors, family of victims, police and F.B.I., lawyers and authors. I have met a lot of interesting and kind people in my quest. I have never tried to be sensational in my coverage. In most instances, I have something in the case of a positive nature or have in the very least shared a cautionary tale.

      I hope you will check out an episode or two on the PODCAST PAGE. Since Murder Most Foul is audio only, I have chosen a few of the segments to expand upon with photos and written details on the following pages. Enjoy!